Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Sound: Skeletons

It’s difficult to come off with any sort of authority on music when so much of it escapes your attention. I seem to discover old/classic/essential albums constantly, an embarrassing fact that I hate to admit while I type furiously and attempt to come off as some sort of authority on music. And, every time this happens, I realize how little I’ll ever know. And then I feel small and feeble amidst the giants of music encyclopedics who could justifiably spit in my face and laugh at my efforts.

But, the silver lining is, I find this shit eventually.

Today, I heard “Skeletons” by The Sound and fell madly in love. Amazon has this album, From the Lion's Mouth, on CD, going for about $52.00. So, I look forward to the reissue, whenever that happens.

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