What I Heard This Morning: Vex Ruffin

It’s tough to listen to this and not get the sense that NYC’s fringe scene inspired it, the repetitious and arty “Losing Control” from Vex Ruffin being one of those very bouncy and eccentric abstractions that you’d find from performers like Suicide or James Chance.

The Stones Throw label, typically associated with hip-hop, is issuing the single as a limited run vinyl postcard.

Vex Ruffin - Losing Control by stonesthrow

All info below comes courtesy of GORILLAJEDI:

The local LA kid specializes in a blend of lo-fi punk rock that although is not typically affiliated with Stones Throw, marks a new generation for the legendary hip hop label.

His debut single, "Losing Control" is now available via a special edition postcard vinyl. http://stonesthrow.com/store/single/vexruffin/im-losing-control-postcard-single

With little info floating around, here are a few interesting tidbits about Vex, by the beastmaster himself.

5 Random Facts - Vex Ruffin

1. I love basketball, when i was a kid my dream was to play in the nba like hakeem olajuwan.
2. Im an early bird, i wake up at 7a.m everyday. 

3. When i first started making music i wanted to be like the next madlib but instead i turned out to be something else? beastmaster!
4. I get really grumpy when im hungry and tired. beastmaster!
5. I dont know how to play the guitar, i just do the one finger string thing.
6. in highschool my favorites were the cure and dmx.
7. none of my friends listen to rock n roll.
8. My dream is to tour the world with my band
9. A lot of people dont get me maybe because im a beastmaster!
10. I was never a handy man but i was good at breaking things. alpha male!

Vex's debut single, "I'm Losing Control" is out now via limited-edition postcard vinyl at the Stones Throw website.

Steam the single via Soundcloud and feel free to embed the track: http://soundcloud.com/stonesthrow/vex-ruffin-losing-control

Vex Ruffin will also play a pair of LA shows in May.

5 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell (with Master Blazter, Matthewdavid and Sun Araw)
21 Los Angeles, CA - Highland Park Ebell Club (Buddy Society Presents: Puro Instinct, Diva and DJ sets from Peanut Butter Wolf and Dam-Funk. Tickets available now)

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