What I Heard This Morning: Noxious Foxes

In the vein of Hella, Ruins and whatever other proggy, drum-based and jazz-oriented duo you can think of, Noxious Foxes relate. Pairing a wild amount of snare/tom combos with a multitude of math-informed soloing and guitar changes, "Heavenly Spectacular" is the most pleasant abstraction of this sort I've heard recently.  Avoiding the abrasive and, at time, scraping nature of Zach Hill and Yoshida Tatsuya by focusing on the most melodious usage of this off-key motif, I almost liken this to a very spare version of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra if they'd come about post-DC hardcore.  Maybe that's a stretch, but I think Noxious Foxes do cultivate a less alienating sound, one that still requires imagination without the need to endure.  This is certainly no stab to Hella or Ruins, but to anyone off the street somehow tripping into a set of headphones with this blaring, "Heavenly Spectacular" would be any easier sample to sit through.

Heavenly Spectacular by US/THEM group

"Doth Shalt Noth" comes off like a hyper-jagged Steely Dan/Thelonious Monk/Feelies union.  I think this is what happens when Dopamine and Speed consolidate chemically.

Doth Shalt Noth by US/THEM group

Their new album, Légs, is out as of yesterday (7/26).  

The band is in the midst of a tour.  I, unfortunately, won't be able to make that Philly date.

All info is courtesy of Us/Them Group:

Brooklyn power-duo Noxious Foxes announce new album and East Coast tour dates

"Remember Hella? Noxious Foxes remind me of that duo. Duos that rock out really rule. Like No Age. And The Captain & Tennille. Remember Television? Ever notice how a lot of that clean math-rock guitar sound is reminiscent of Television's guitar sound? Well anyway, if you like rapid-fire instrumentals that would make a good soundtrack for those nights when you have to dodge all those crazy space ghosts that come at you hard from all directions (that happens to you too, right?), I recommend Noxious Foxes." -- Oh My Rockness

Brooklyn, NY frenetic power-duo Noxious Foxes announce the release of their sophomore album, Légs. In support of the record, the band takes to the road today for a string of East Coast dates, with more extensive touring to follow. Please see current dates below.

Check out MP3s for album tracks "Heavenly Spectacular" HERE and "Doth Shalt Noth" HERE. Stream the full album HERE.

On one particularly hot August day in 1983, Richard Levengood (beats) entered the world. The very next day, Justin Talbott (riffs) left his womb behind. Eighteen years later, they met in college through peers with a shared appreciation for At The Drive-In, in a band they called Jack Bauer. Hot Augusts came and went until they eventually both settled in Brooklyn.

Noxious Foxes began in 2009 in Thump Studios, a Brooklyn recording studio owned by Levengood. Songs were written in live and active collaboration with the aid of a looper pedal. Once they had 6 tracks finished, they recorded and released their debut album Lovestorm. Upon its release, they played shows around New York and immediately began work on a follow-up.

Légs was recorded over the course of 7 months at Thump. With it, their sound matured considerably -- the walls of loops got thicker and louder, beats became more intricate and complex. An electric piano and a synthesizer, also played by Justin, were added to round out the sonic blast. Since each song was written live with loopers, their recordings maintain the same layer building process as their live show.

The release of Légs also marks the formation of Justin and Richard's record label Broth IRA. With a fully equipped recording studio at their disposal and many musically talented friends, they are setting out to help bring more albums to life.

Légs is available now on 2xLP and Digital Download via Broth IRA.

07/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill
07/29 Philadelphia, PA @ The Spruce Caboose
07/30 Albany, NY @ Hudson River Coffee House
07/31 Allston, MA @ Peewee's Playhouse
08/02 Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger Gallery

Artist: Noxious Foxes

Album: Légs
Label: Broth IRA
Release Date: July 26th, 2011

01. Wherever Hugo, Guido
02. Goin' Rogue
03. Bowflexcellent
04. Illegal Beagle
05. Doth Shalt Noth (MP3)
06. Honeymoon Express
07. A Real Leonardo DiCaprio Sh*t
08. Lunge Away
09. Heavenly Spectacular (MP3)

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