Bluebrain: Central Park (Listen to the Light) (and, Albums as Apps)

I have to admit: I’m not sure if I like the idea that to experience certain types of music, conceptually, you have to have a smart phone or pad device. I think the notion of site-specific music, which is the concept currently driving Bluebrain’s recent Central Park (Listen to the Light) album, makes for an interesting way to capture the sights, sounds and moments that influence or inspire a piece of work and I could see how video could enliven such a concept. But, have we outgrown our ability to sense this stuff by simply listening? In my estimation, certain albums hold resonance because they enable your senses to experience them, which is why music has endured generations and has had so much hold over how we think and feel. And, while I’m aware that technology will only continue to inform how we relate to music, I can only imagine that an album available solely for those of us with the latest phone excludes those of us who would rather put something on a stereo, tune out the world and listen. Where’s the escape in this when so much of our external existence involves being told what we need to be complete via television, advertising and societal pressure?  Maybe I'm missing the point, but so long as physicality remains an option in an increasingly digitized and intangibly reliant world, why deny those of us who would rather use our phones to talk and keep our stereos for listening?

Anyway, despite my personal take, Bluebrain’s Central Park is the subject of a bus trip. All information comes courtesy of Force Field PR.

Get on the Bluebrain party bus this weekend
from DC to NYC

Central Park ('Listen to the Light')
is NYC's first 'location-aware' album, composed and conceived by music duo Bluebrain, available exclusively as a FREE iPhone app

VIDEO: The Making of Central Park: Listen To The Light -

Central Park - Album trailer -

Please join us for an exclusive excursion to New York City to experience the new Bluebrain location-aware album Listen to the Light in Central Park. Trip includes bus transportation, Listen to the Light experience in Central Park (iPhone or iPad3G required), You Are Here: Washington DC art exhibit featuring DC artists, and an after-party at Lit Lounge (featuring DC's Shark Week and Cracked Latin).

The bus will be departing Saturday, October 15th at 10 a.m. in Dupont Circle and will depart NYC Sunday, October 16th at Noon from Central Park/a central location in NYC. Individuals are responsible for their own accommodations Saturday night. Food courtesy of Sweetgreen and beer courtesy of DC Brau will be provided on the bus ride up to NYC. Please feel free to bring your own food and drink as well. Additional special thanks to Eventbrite and Pink Line Project.

Please be sure to have an iPhone/iPad with you for this trip. If you do not have one and are a Blackberry/Android user, we'll improvise and bring some headphone splitters. Or come enjoy the experience still and borrow from a friend on the trip/walk with them, etc. We will make it work! The app is free but you MUST download ahead of time. It is a very large app and can only be downloaded over WiFi, so make sure you're Apple device (iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iPad 3G have the app on it ahead of time.)

We are asking $42 per person to cover costs. This is an exclusive and space-limited event so please act fast. We hope you can join us.


Listen to the Light Download:

'Making of' Listen to the Light Vimeo:

Here is the itinerary for the two-day excursion:

Saturday, October 15th:
10 a.m. - Bus departs Dupont Circle
3 p.m. - Arrive Central Park, New York City, NY
3-6 p.m. - Experience Listen to the Light - Central Park
6-9 p.m. - You are Here: Washington DC (Dorian Grey Gallery, 437 E. 9th St.) - more info here
After-party at Lit Lounge featuring Shark Week and Cracked Latin (93 Second Ave East Village)

Sunday, October 16th:

12 p.m. - Bus departs NYC for DC

Email with any questions.


Official Site -

Facebook -
Trailer for Central Park -
Trailer for The National Mall -
Bluebrain talks to Kill Screen about
Central Park -
NY Post Story -

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