Friday, December 02, 2011

No Ripcord: The Top 100 Debut Albums

A massive undertaking to say the least, No Ripcord recently posted a 5-part series compiling the quantified results of what 34 writers considered to be the top 100 debut albums.  I contributed five of the 100 blurbs posted.  There are aspects of this list that I outright oppose and others I can get behind.  There are also albums that really should've made the list and an "honorable mention" accompaniment is being developed so to make sure some the omissions, many of which are fucking criminal, at least get some due.

Now that all five parts of the series are posted, give them a look when you get the chance. 

Part 1 (100-81)

Part 2 (80-61)

Part 3 (60-41)

Part 4 (40-21)

Part 5 (20-1)

Have a gripe?  Me too, so feel free to comment or discuss.

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