Beauty Pill: Afrikaner Barista

I'm listening to Beauty Pill's newest single, "Afrikaner Barista," both completely mesmerized and excited to hear something new from this band after their eight-year hiatus.  In addition to the new song, an interview is available featuring a conversation with BP singer/songwriter, Chad Clark, about Beauty Pill's Immersive Ideal project and the band's decision to write and record music in public view at Arlington museum, Artisphere. 

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Beauty Pill Premieres New Track At 99% Invisible; In-Depth Band Interview Available For Download

Immersive Ideal Project Running Through January 22 At DC's Artisphere

Listen/Download: Beauty Pill Feature via 99% Invisible
isten: "Afrikaner Barista" via Soundcloud

99% Invisible is running a feature about Beauty Pill and the band’s current
Immersive Ideal project. The team at 99% Invisible sat down with Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark for an in-depth conversation that left no stone unturned discussing Clark’s near death experience in 2008, the choice to record an entire album in public and the paradoxes of creativity and collaboration.

The piece is currently available to stream and download on the 99% Invisible website and will air on KALW in San Francisco today.

Additionally the site is running the world premiere of a new Beauty Pill song "Afrikaner Barista."

“'Afrikaner Barista' is about a lot of things, but chiefly desire,” says Clark. “It has been described as a ‘six minute Coltranean mindf**k.’ This description pleased the band to no end.”


This past summer, Beauty Pill embarked on a 2-week commissioned residency at a new art museum called
Artisphere. The residency was unusual: it involved the band recording its new album entirely in full view of the public. Beauty Pill’s creative process essentially became an exhibit in the museum. They called the project Immersive Ideal.
Immersive Ideal returned to Artisphere this month as a multimedia, multi-screen, user-controlled installation that is running through Sunday, January 22.

Visitors can listen to Beauty Pill's new music while enveloped in shifting photographs that document the band's experiment in artistic transparency. Additionally, the music is presented in an installation-only surround-sound mix.

The band intends to release music from the
Immersive sessions in the form of two consecutive albums.

Record label is pending.

Features about Beauty Pill’s
Immersive Ideal summer residency

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Features about Beauty Pill's
Immersive Ideal winter installation

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