Greg Ginn and the Royal We: Baiting

Listening to Greg Ginn and the Royal We, which is performed solely by the legendary Black Flag guitarist, (my comments discounting his instrumental work with Gone), I would call this a technologically modern continuation of his Process Of Weeding Out/John McLaughlin-inspired jazz punk excursions. His guitar work is still marvelously primitive, though the electronic elements sound kind of flat next to the rhythm section provided by Bill Stevenson and Kira Roessler. I guess you could say there’s a tad less jazz, less of Ginn’s atonal wheeze and a more melody-based approach. Of course, I’m judging based upon the song “Baiting,” which may or may not summarize the breadth of this project.

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Mar. 21, 2012, Austin, Tex. -- Greg Ginn and The Royal We, Ginn's solo electro-instrumental project, has added a handful of California dates leading up to his Apr. 15 and 22 performances at Coachella.
Greg Ginn and The Royal We's debut album, We Are Amused, was released on SST in November and was hilariously described by Rolling Stone as "Black Sabbath scoring a Godzilla movie." Ginn plays guitar, bass, theramin and synthesizer on the release with a host of effects to create the lush and loosely psychedelic release. Live, Ginn utilizes a Mac combined with a wall of amp racks and speakers to create the powerful sound.
Greg Ginn and the Royal We tour dates:
April 5 San Diego, CA —  Soda Bar
April 6 Bakersfield, CA —  Sports and Spirits
April 7 San Luis Obispo, CA —  The Z
April 8 San Luis Obispo, CA —  The Z
April 15 Indio, CA —  Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
April 22 Indio, CACoachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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