Shopping For Records: Bong

Bong's self-titled 2009 release, which had a limited run of 500 copies in its initial pressing, is being reissued on CD and digital media via Ritual Productions.  Check out the info below, which comes to you courtesy of Rarely Unable.  And then, check out the almost 30 minute live rendition of "Wizards Of Krull." 

Hot on the heels of the acclaimed new album Mana Yood Sushai and following a ton of positive feedback from recent live shows, Bong are resurrecting some of their back-catalogue via their spiritual home, Ritual Productions.

Their debut 2009 self-titled album was originally released on vinyl, limited to 500 copies and with just two edited album tracks, 'Wizards Of Krull' and 'The Starlit Grotto'. This October, Ritual will be releasing the album for the first time ever on CD and digitally, including the full versions of these tracks and one unreleased bonus track entitled 'Asleep'.

This revitalised collection will remind people of Bong's beginnings, when their early meditative hymns were first committed to wax. The bonus track is a rare treat too, witness Bong at their darkest, most mournful and most psychedelic. To my mind, one of their greatest compositions.

Overall, a great collectible and an interesting comparison to their new material. These jams still sound so utterly entrancing.

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