Crystal Antlers: "Persephone" (Room 205)

Crystal Antlers are featured in the Room 205 Live series and I lit up this afternoon when I gave their performance of "Persephone" a look.  I don't think Crystal Antlers get enough press.  They achieve quite perfectly, and with a considerable amount of energy, the laid back, smoked out atmospherics that most psych bands pursue without coming off complacent or lazy or simply pleased enough to wallow in torrents of feedback or purple haze.

Check out the video and then read.  This performance is apparently the first of a series of videos filmed at MusicFest NW for Room 205 Live.  All info was provided by Force Field PR.

I reviewed the band's last album, Two-Way Mirror, for Kicking Against The Pricks.

Room 205 Live from MFNW: Crystal Antlers

Last month while at MusicFest NW in Portland, we put our heads together with friend and longtime MFNW producer Trevor Solomon to curate "Room 205 Live." After filming more than 30 episodes and 90 videos in a tiny 15x20-foot rehearsal space, we wanted to have a go at collaborating in front of a live audience. Held at venerable downtown venue Ted's, (formerly Berbati's Pan), the night showcased five featured artists from Room 205, including Crystal Antlers, Craft Spells, Tropic of Cancer, Chelsea Wolfe and Blouse. To document this very special night, we worked with director Greg Hunt, DP Greg Schmitt, and audio engineer Griffin Rodriguez. No overdubs, no second takes. 100% raw live weirdness.

For the next five weeks we'll debut one performance per week from each Room 205 Live artist. Today's premiere episode features a performance from Crystal Antlers, who originally visited Room 205 in 2010. The Room 205 Live showcase at MFNW marked the debut of the band's new blazer, "Persephone."

We hope you'll enjoy watching our experiment as much as we've enjoyed making it. Huge thanks to the performing artists, MFNW and the good people of PDX, as well to production manager Nathan Ostrander, in-house engineer Dave Hite and booker Kenric Ashe at Ted's.

See Crystal Antler's performance of "Persephone" here: 

About Crystal Antlers
Crystal Antlers formed in January 2006 in Long Beach, CA. Creating their own blend of psychedelic, punk, and soul, the band have quickly become favorites among a broad range of music lovers throughout N. America and the EU. The full-length LP
Tentacles (Touch & Go, 2009) and the more recent Two-Way Mirror (Recreation Ltd, 2011) offer true mind-melters in the traditions of early-Love Battery, late-Built To Spill, and the always classic Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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About Room 205
Working in collaboration with visiting musicians and a revolving cast of filmmakers, set designers, audio engineers and friends, Room 205 exists to share our collective passion for art and music and showcase the people that inspire us.

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