Monday, October 01, 2012

The Inbox Giveth: Great Falls/Pink City split release

Great Falls/Pink City
Split (Tapes of a Neon God #7)
Tapes of a Neon God

It's good to hear something violent and/or sullen from time to time.  The new split release from Great Falls and Pink City offers a healthy amount of rapid beat metalcore, Neurosis style post-metal noise revelry, Big Black informed pigfuckery and some electronically addled Joy Division post-punk with hints of Alan Vega

Pink City is no stranger to Letters From A Tapehead, as I've discussed both the band's 2-song "Loop One/Service" single and their album, Designing Women.

Expect something dark and loud for the very reasonable price of $5. 

Links provided by Tapes of a Neon God.

Great Falls

Pink City

Tapes of a Neon God

You can preorder the cassette here.

Letters From A Tapehead

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