Buried In A Good Mix Tape: Best of 2012 Mix...

Well, I published my favorite albums of the year yesterday, so now, as it's tradition, I'm posting the contents of my Year End mix for all to see, scrutinize and maybe even emulate.  This year, I didn't have the easiest time assembling, sequencing or even selecting music as I got a little too ambitious and consequently second guessed just about every decision I made.  2011 may have made for a better compilation, but 2012 is at least odd and maybe a little more abrasive.

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Earth – Sigil Of Brass (Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II)
METZ – Rats (METZ)
Liars – Octagon (WIXIW)
Alaric – So Far Down (Split LP)
The Evens – Sooner Or Later (The Odds)
Pop. 1280 – West World (The Horror)
Ty Segall Band – I Bought My Eyes (Slaughterhouse)
Locrian/Mamiffer – Corpus Luteum (excerpt) (Bless Them That Curse You)
Mr. Dream – Believing and Shitting (Fatherland EP)
Menomena – Giftshoppe (Moms)
Mark Lanegan Band – The Gravedigger's Song (Blues Funeral)
Deerhoof – Mothball the Fleet (Breakup Song)
Aperiodic – La Pena Vivir (Future Feedback)
The Devil's Blood – Fire Burning (The Thousandfold Epicentre)
High On Fire – Madness of an Architect (De Vermis Mysteriis)
Swans – The Daughter Brings the Water (The Seer)
The Men – Cube (Open Your Heart)
Sleepies – Terra Firma (Weird Wild World)
Dinosaur Jr. – Pierce the Morning Rain (I Bet on Sky)
Melvins (Lite) – Let Me Roll It (Wings cover) (Freak Puke)
Patti Smith – Mosaic (Banga)
spielgusher – BOTTOMLESS (speilgusher)

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