Bad News From Houston: "Red Dirt Meet" (Video)

This year's Baby Snakes:
Bad News From Houston is the work of Deerhoof's John Dietrich and Thollem McDonas of Tsigoti.  Their strange, seemingly structureless ode to human disconnection in the digital age brought to mind the overwhelming visual and atonal relationship between Frank Zappa's free form sound experiments and the clay-mation work of Bruce Bickford explored in Zappa's Baby Snakes film.

Bad News from Houston cover art by Tuia Cherici

The duo's new album, In the Valley of the Cloud Builder, is out on Post-Consumer Records.

Info comes courtesy of Kinsman and Meng PR.

John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and Thollem McDonas (Tsigoti) have created an album of complete immediacy, wherein every sound is presented with such vividness and detail that each minute sound event becomes foregrounded. When an acoustic guitar is played, you don’t just hear the strings, you hear the wood, too. When the strings of the piano explode, you are inside the sound chamber, feeling the coiled metal shatter against your skin. Intimacy takes a bright and radiant form on In The Valley Of The Cloud Builder. The joyous energy in these recordings prevents any of these pieces from sitting still. Clanking bottles topple over into ecstatic electronics so quickly that by the time your mind says “bottle”, what you are hearing is the most jackrabbit High Life guitar riff ever played. So much life is in this work that even Dieterich and McDonas, longtime collaborators, realized they had evolved as a music-making unit. To commemorate this turning of the ship, a new name: Bad News From Houston.

Bad News From Houston's new music video, "Red Dirt Meet", was created by Tuia Cherici. A tale told in claymation of loneliness in the age of the internet.

More info on Tuia Cherici is available at:

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