RSD — 4.20: Mark Lanegan & Moby

It takes Mark Lanegan's involvement for me to discuss a Moby release. 

This partnership produced the Record Store Day curated "The Lonely Night" 7" along with a video built from moving skies, desert landscapes and dilapidated and abandoned wreckage. 

All info comes courtesy of Mute.

Watch the new video for Moby and Mark Lanegan’s “The Lonely Night”



Moby and Mark Lanegan “The Lonely Night”

Available April 20

Today, Moby and Mark Lanegan have unveiled the beautiful time-lapse video for “The Lonely Night”, available on limited edition 7" released for this year's Record Store Day, April 20.

Watch 'The Lonely Night' on Moby's YouTube channel here.

Directed by LA-based cinematographer Colin Rich, 'The Lonely Night” captures California as never seen before - flitting between the desolate and far removed terrain of the Mojave desert and the endless city expanse of Los Angeles.

Rich says: "
With every project I undertake, there are certain emotional undertones that need to be translated into moving image and ‘Lonely Night’ provided to me a thematic of isolation and solitude and so I attempted to create a reflective temporal voyage from ruin and desolation into the edge of civilization and back again. The project took me on my own voyage across the deserts of California, from the ruinous rotted landscapes of the Salton Sea, through the seemingly endless expanse of the Mojave Desert, and to the electric edges of Los Angeles."

Moby was introduced to Rich's work a few years back and immediately
"fell in love with how slow and beautiful it was"

Moby says of his involvement with Rich: "I'm really excited to have an experimental music video from this great video artist, and I feel like the slow, rich, and languorous desert visuals fit the song perfectly."

'The Lonely Night' 7” is released on this year’s Record Store Day, April 20th and comes backed with a remix from electronic music legend Photek.

Moby on collaborating with Mark Lanegan:
"I've been a fan of Mark's from his early SST Records days, and I’ve always wanted to work with him. He has one of the best and most distinctive voices of the last 25 years. Now that we live near each other it ended up being really easy working on a song together."

Moby on producing of 'The Lonely Night': “
…And in producing the song, Spike Stent and I incorporated some very unusual production techniques... we ran all of the instruments through a distortion pedal into a guitar amp. So really there are only 3 tracks: left channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, right channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, and Mark's vocals. The end result is intentionally very broken and atmospheric.”

Moby: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter
Mute: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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