Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day...

In tribute to this day away from the office, job site, cab stop, trucker depot, post office, town hall, street corner... etc., here are some work related tunes that I hold near and dear.  Enjoy:

Frank Zappa: "Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station"

R.E.M.: "Finest Worksong" 

Subhumans: "Get to Work on Time"

John Handy: "Hard Work"

Tom Waits: "I Can't Wait to Get Off Work"

Louis Armstrong: "That Lucky Old Sun"

Black Flag: "Clocked In"

Dead Kennedys: "At My Job"

Saccharine Trust: "Mad at the Co."

Elvis Costello: "Welcome to the Working Week"

Howlin' Wolf: "Work for Your Money"

John Lennon: "Working Class Hero"

Minutemen: "Working Men Are Pissed"

Letters From A Tapehead

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