What I Heard This Morning: Can Can Heads

Good evening,

Have you ever listened to Bells by Albert Ayler?  It was recorded live in the mid-60s, twenty minutes of formless, twitchy, excited and intense saxophone blasts delivered unto thee by ESP.  It's not for everyone and it's also not something I can treat myself to on a daily basis.  I decided to revisit the album today, though, after I heard "Breakdiscodance" from the Finnish punk jazz outfit known as Can Can Heads.

Ayler and The Untouchables, maybe some aural toxicity resultant from a violent fluid exchange between James Chance and The Mae Shi, Can Can Heads exude a heavy bass rhythm and the solid shriek of wild brass that recounts elements of No Wave and Free Jazz.

The band is releasing its sophomore release, Butter Life, later this March.  The band's first release, Headcracking Lifestyle, came out in 1999. 

Can Can Heads - Breakdiscodance from Tomi Nuotio on Vimeo.

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