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If you've been reading Letters From A Tapehead for a while, you know that I've contributed reviews to a few other online music entities over the years, MusicFilmWeb being one of them.  MusicFilmWeb is my favorite (and very likely, the best) source for information and reviews of music documentaries and I've enjoyed the privilege of reviewing films for the site.  Today, I found out that MFW has officially expanded into, where you can find and watch documentaries.

Please check out the information below, which was provided by MVD Entertainment Group. Launches With More Than Forty Music Films, Concerts, and Documentaries For the "Music Obsessed"

Fans Can Choose To Download or Rent From Curated Selection

MusicFilmWeb, the online curator for music documentaries and concert films, has launched, a new home where the most passionate music fans can find and view music documentaries and concert films. will initially offer 40+ music focused titles from MVD Entertainment Group, plus films from other independent directors and distributors, with new titles added regularly.

"Our mission has always been to connect passionate music fans with great music films and music documentarians with music fans," says MusicFilmWeb Chief Content Wrangler Andy Markowitz "There's a large supply of quality music films out there and a huge base of music-obsessed fans - just not many places where the two can meet. Our goal is to bring them together through great content and experiences."

"We've taken the first steps with MusicFilmWeb to make sure they started out with some of the best music films, concerts, and documentaries," said Rob Hyman, Digital Director of MVD. "It will only grow and get better from there." offers music fans the chance to download or rent from a curated selection of unique music films. The starter catalog features everything from profiles of iconoclastic artists like guitar innovator John Fahey and actor/singer Harry Dean Stanton, to blues legends such as John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins in concert, to musical and cultural histories like Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records; My Career as a Jerk, a biography of iconic hardcore punk band the Circle Jerks; and No Fun City, a DIY look at the endangered underground music scene in Vancouver.

"MusicFilmWeb's strategy has always been to support broader distribution and higher visibility for music films that have limited theatrical distribution and are difficult to find on larger, big-studio-focused online sites," Dave Watson explains. "And we're so passionate about music that we've made sure the ratings for our films go to 11."

MusicFilmWeb has secured both international and regional rights for films available on Titles are offered in three currencies: USD, EUR and GBP depending on region. Prices range from 2.99 to 5.99 for streamed rentals and 7.99 to 19.99 on downloads. DVDs are also available for selected titles.

About MusicFilmWeb
MusicFilmWeb is a curated one-stop shop for music documentaries and concert films. MusicFilmWeb provides a video platform for music film makers targeted to music fans. We look for music films we want to watch ourselves, and that we think other passionate music fans will want to see and hear. It can be a legendary artist in performance, the history of an influential label or a tale of a great forgotten band. Human stories entwined with a universal art form, with soundtracks to match. Our music film e-zine can be found at The VOD service can be found at

About MVD Entertainment Group
MVD Entertainment Group is a full service music and movie distribution firm, exclusively representing thousands of audio and visual products for DVD, Bluray, CD, vinyl, and digital rights, worldwide. MVD also exclusively distributes a growing line of merchandise including limited edition collectibles, tee shirts, and more.

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