The Austerity Program's Beyond Calculation streaming

I received an email from Controlled Burn Records Monday afternoon detailing the new release from ex-Hydra Head noise punkers The Austerity Program, Beyond Calculation, along with permission to embed the album here for anyone who would like to check it out.  If you're looking for bass-prominent, pseudo-industrial stomp and circumstance in the vein of Pure-era Jesus Lizard or Big Black, (which is apparently a "fumbling comparison" as noted by the band's press release), this will be worth a listen.  I spent some time with this today and I enjoyed it. 

All info comes courtesy of Controlled Burn Records.

Drum machine vs. the over-educated: drum machine usually wins.

"Everything the band does seems to be an exercise in discipline, and the belt has been tightened an extra notch for their new LP, Beyond Calculation. …(T)he album finds Foley and Calabrese streamlining their sound even further … into concise parcels of tightly wound maliciousness." - Brian Cook, Noisey

"Hits hard, but shows a band in complete control of their ferocity. - Miles Bowe, Stereogum

"Beyond Calculation is clearly the duo’s strongest work yet, an album that advances into a focused distillation of what the band can unleash with a drum machine, atomizing bass and a guitar that sounds like its being strummed with a bayonet." - Shane Mehling, Decibel (print)



Even the instrumental one is about violence, fate and desperation. Really.

Their former label Hydra Head may have died, but the Austerity Program are as raggedly alive as ever. Skip the fumbling comparisons to Godflesh or Big Black - they've distilled a decade and half of seething paranoia into a record that's all their own. By "all their own" we mean "no one else is out there sounding like this".

150 gram vinyl LP
Regular old CD
Digital download (including free via Bandcamp)
1/4" open reel tape, for the truly hardcore/weird.

Where can people get it:
Direct from us
Aquarius Records (San Francisco, CA)
Vacation Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA)
Reckless Records (Chicago, IL)
Bull City (Durham, NC)
The Sound Garden (Baltimore, MD)
Hydra Head webstore
Bandcamp directly from us. "Name your price" download. Yes, that includes FREE.
International / other record stores via Cobraside Distribution.
Digital distribution. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Beat, Deezr, Rdio, Google Play. And probably the Pirate Bay, Mediafire, blogs, torrents and all that stuff.

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