On Pause… And Apologies…

So, I have a day job.

I know, I know: It's difficult to imagine that the compensation I receive for dispensing my unique perspective on music for all of you to consume, cherish and wholeheartedly agree with isn't enough to keep my family fed, the house paid for and the lights forever aglow. Obviously, I don't get paid for this gig. As I'm sure you're all aware, Letters From A Tapehead is for me a labor of love. And, sometimes, that labor of love is difficult to maintain and keep current with content because…well, because life happens. I do try and provide content as worthwhile as anything you'll read in Pitchfork, Stereogum, Tiny Mix Tapes…etc. I may not always succeed, (or maybe I never succeed to this level as far as some of you are concerned), but I do my best to think and listen before I touch a keyboard. It's not uncommon for me to be up long past my bedtime on a work night wringing out the grey matter for whatever quality comment or I can capture because I want to make sure music fans have a reason to come back and check out what I have to say. Being a music fan myself, I want to ensure that what you're reading is accurate, entertaining, informative and worthwhile. If it's not, then there's no point in me doing this.

That being said, the last two weeks have been an absolute drain. My professional life has been occupying a great percentage of my time, which has left me very little to spend with my family let alone this labor of love I often access when all real world obligations have been met, when the little one is asleep and when nothing else requires my immediate attention. Because, inasmuch as we live for our passions, we also need to satisfy those who depend on us for company and support. I couldn't with a clear conscious decide "tonight's a writing night" when my daughter has been justifiably trying to get my attention long into the hours I've spent hunched over my laptop attempting to meet some very ambitious and somewhat unrealistic deadlines for the sake of my paycheck. I was able to acquire some off time over the past couple days, so naturally I've spent that time spent with family. They are owed my time over everything and everyone else. And, to be honest, my wife and daughter have both been incredibly patient with me as my job's demands have grown more significant. It would shitty of me to say to them, "Now that I have a free moment, leave me alone so I can review some albums."

So, as my family has been patient, I'm asking the same of you. I've noticed that my readership has dwindled a tad, which is understandable. But, for those of you who've hung in, thank you for doing so and I'm hoping to be on track very soon.

Letters From A Tapehead


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