Buried in a Good Mix Tape: Revisiting Marijuana's Highest Notes for 4.20...

It's April 20th.  Four-twenty.  Sleep put it best:

A while ago I'd compiled some songs written as tribute to or inspired by the holiest of all leaves.  I was going to re-post the list, but found that many of the links are no longer operable.  So, in the spirit of the occasion, I'm revisiting the list and adding more tracks.  Hopefully, you'll find this mix suitable to today's agenda.  Any additions?  Hit me up in the comments or on the socials.

Cypress Hill: "Hits From the Bong"

Cypress Hill/Sonic Youth: "I Love You, Mary Jane"

Black Sabbath: "Sweet Leaf"

Sleep: "Dopesmoker"

High On Fire: "Fertile Green"

Kyuss: "Gardenia"

The Goats: "Wake 'N' Bake"

The Other Half: "Mr. Pharmacist"

Electric Wizard: "Dopethrone"

The Pharcyde: "Pack the Pipe"

Tito y Tarantula: "Cucarachas Enojadas (Angry Cockroaches)"

Madvillian: "America's Most Blunted"

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: "High (feat. Danny Brown)"

Curtis Mayfield: "Pusherman"

Peter Tosh: "Legalize It"

Cab Calloway: "Reefer Man"

Ray Charles: "Let's Go Get Stoned"

Lee "Scratch" Perry: "The Ganja Man"

Letters From A Tapehead


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