Virus: "Steamer"

It seems fitting that Virus would follow-up their excellent The Agent That Shapes The Desert a month after I've replaced my last copy.  I managed to break the CD pushing it into its case.  So, I had to get a new one very quickly. 

Anyway, "Steamer" is the lead single from the group's upcoming fourth release, Memento Collider, and it continues the group's funk-tinged rhythmic strike and metallic unorthodoxy.  While the track doesn't stray too far from what's come before, Virus dabbles in time signature to a pretty significant level and almost "ghosts" the track up with instances of quivering theremin sound.  There's a lot for the ears to distill, from the dominance of low end and melodic textures to the group's undeniable camp factor.

Memento Collider is to be released June 3rd via Karisma Records.  The track was premiered by Decibel Magazine and all the info below was provided by Earsplit PR.

VIRUS: Norwegian Avant-Garde Rock Unit To Release Fourth Full-Length Via Karisma Records This June; New Track Streaming At Decibel

Norwegian avant-garde rockers/recent Karisma Records signees, VIRUS, will release their fourth full-length on June 3rd, 2016. Titled Memento Collider, the mysterious record boasts six tracks of the band's signature brand of experimentation with cover art by the Trine and Kim Design Studio.

In advance of its release, Decibel Magazine is currently streaming fourth track, "Steamer," issuing of the gripping psalm,
"VIRUS has been making the weird of the top-40-of-the-year, you-gotta-hear-this variety for fifteen+ years. And before the onset of this particular plague, vocalist/guitarist Czral spread avant-garde infection of the black metal sort with Ved Buens Ende, in addition to numerous others. When we asked him for a quote about this premiere of a track from the band's upcoming fourth full-length Memento Collider he responded with the following: ' [It's] a tribute to extinct instincts and Chernobyl Wildlife.'... while we aren't completely sure what that means, it seems fitting."

Hear "Steamer," now playing at THIS LOCATION.
Memento Collider Track Listing:
1. Afield
2. Rogue Fossil
3. Dripping Into Orbit
4. Steamer
5. Gravity Seeker
6. Phantom Oil Slick

Forged by Carl "Czral" Michael Eid from the ashes of '90s avant-garde black metal project Ved Buens Ende with the idea of generating a new kind of experimental metal/rock, VIRUS has been distributing their pulsing, tantalizing sounds since 2000. Czral brought with him bassist Petter "Plenum" Berntsen and drummer Einar "Einz" Sjursø and recorded their only demo that same year. The band was picked up almost immediately by Jester Records and released their debut album
Carheart in 2003, but an accident in 2005, which left Czral hospitalized for a year, forced the band into hiatus until 2008. VIRUS would reappear that year with the release of their Season Of Mist-issued sophomore full-length The Black Flux. The album earned "Album Of The Year" status in several publications, as did their 2011 follow-up, The Agent That Shapes The Desert, which was released on the band's own label Virulent Music. VIRUS' long-awaited live debut came in 2011, and aside from club appearances and tours in both Europe and the USA since then, the band has appeared at a variety of prestigious festivals. And now Memento Collider awaits. Further info, including additional track teasers and preorder links will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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