Daughter of a Tapehead: Deerhoof at Union Transfer — 6.25.16

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Union Transfer, 6.25.16

Isabella, a.k.a., Daughter of a Tapehead, attended her very first concert on Saturday.  She wrote the following:

P.S. — I would personally like to thank the very accommodating people at Union Transfer.  When we arrived Saturday, my daughter was treated almost like royalty.  She was given a reserved seat very close to the stage so she had no issue with obstructed views, the venue manager stopped by to greet her and ask if there was anything we needed, and the patrons were incredibly sweet to her.  As a first concert experience, Isabella's couldn't have been better.

I would also like to thank Deerhoof, who took the time to sign Isabella's ticket stub and chat with her a bit at the end of the show.  With us, you have a family of fans for life.
Letters From A Tapehead


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