Buried in a Good Mix Tape: Best of 2016 Mix...

I agonize over these fucking things.

About midway through November, I started pulling tracks for this year's 2016 mix with a few must-haves in place before building each of them out with good lead-ins and bridge tracks.  And then, editing, filling gaps, fades...etc.  I'm mostly happy with how this year's selections worked out, but truthfully I could probably start all over again and assemble an entirely new mix at this point.

The only must-have I later reconsidered was David Bowie's "Lazarus."  It just didn't fit with the rest of the comp and it was too much of a bummer.  I thought "Anthrocene" from Nick Cave's Skeleton Tree and "String Reprise/Treaty" from Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker LP provided enough of a sad bastard treatment, not to mention "False Readings On" from the Eluvium album of the same name, which I used as more of a melancholy transition track.  Bowie's "Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)" wound up being a perfect third hit following the blistering pace of Bangladeafy's "Termites."

Necessary to add this year were Opeth's "Sorceress" and Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny."  I added "Squeeki Tiki" by The Coathangers because my daughter thought the rubber ducky sounds were funny.  Also necessary were "Evil" by Savages and "Steamer" by Virus, both of which sounded good sequenced together.  

For the cover this year, I used a newly drawn interpretation of "Tapehead" and have since decided to use it as my avatar.

Front cover.

Inside cover w/ track listing.

Check out the tracks and, if you'd like, let me know what you think.

Anenon — "Once" (Petrol)

Bangladeafy — "Termites" (Narcopaloma)

David Bowie — "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)" (Blackstar)

Kaada/Patton — "Imodium" (Bacteria Cult)

VIRUS — "Steamer" (Memento Collider)

Savages — "Evil" (Adore Life)

PJ Harvey — "A Line in the Sand" (The Hope Six Demolition Project)

Radiohead — "Decks Dark" (A Moon Shaped Pool)

Ty Segall — "The Magazine" (Emotional Mugger)

Skinny Girl Diet — "Lazy Eye" (Heavy Flow)

So Pitted — "pay attention to me" (neo)

Death Grips — "Spikes" (Bottomless Pit)

Deerhoof — "Little Hollywood" (The Magic)

The Dwarfs Of East Agouza — "Hungry Bears Don't Dance" (Bes)

Cliff Martinez — "Take Her To Measurements" (The Neon Demon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Opeth — "Sorceress" (Sorceress)

Danny Brown — "Ain’t It Funny" (Atrocity Exhibition)

Child Bite — "The Great Ego Flood" (Negative Noise)

The Coathangers — "Squeeki Tiki" (Nosebleed Weekend)

Eluvium — "False Readings On" (False Readings On)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds —  "Anthrocene" (Skeleton Tree)

Leonard Cohen —  "String Reprise/Treaty" (You Want It Darker)

Letters From A Tapehead


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