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The Common Cold: "Stop The Traffic"
(via mutante-inc./Action Records/Soundcloud)

"Stop The Traffic" is the lead single from The Common Cold's upcoming new album, Shut Up! Yo Liberals.  The album is scheduled to release May 4th and is available for pre-order at Action Records.

Via mutante-inc.:
Only 300 copies of the vinyl will be released and the first 100 copies include a hand painted inner sleeve, a free badge, and other goodies


Once and Future Band: "Destroy Me"
(via Tell All Your Friends PR/Castle Face Records/Soundcloud)

Via Castle Face:

We're happy to be able to speak of this now that the cat's out of the bag — Once and Future Band have graced us with another tasty morsel of everything they do best. Vault-dust begone; this EP deserves your attention. Rarely do the words "vitruosic" and "tasteful" collide so often in my mind as trying to describe these guys. Chops for days on all sides, but in service of such heartbreakers of tunes that you almost forget that this is new, vital stuff - they sound like they could have ruled the airwaves and head shops of the 70s of an alternate universe. Indelible tunes and very deserving of your attention. You can check out "Destroy Me" here, this will be out in early March!

The EP is called Brain and it will be out 3/9 from Castle Face.  Tell All Your Friends PR thankfully confirmed. 


Never Betters: "Pictures"
(via Never Betters/New Noise Magazine/YouTube)

"Pictures" will be featured in Never Betters' upcoming split release with Grievances, which is scheduled to release, 3.16.18.  The split is available for pre-order at the group's Bandcamp.


Earthless: "Black Heaven"
(via Speakeasy PR/Nuclear Blast/YouTube)

"Black Heaven" is the title track to the upcoming new Earthless LP, which will be the band's first release for Nuclear Blast.  The album is available for pre-order and is scheduled to release, 3.16.18.   
Via Speakeasy PR:
Black Heaven was recorded at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, Calif. with Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal) handling production.


Ripped To Shreds: "Craven Blood"
(via Clawhammer PR/Soundcloud)

Via Clawhammer:
One-man OSDM band RIPPED TO SHREDS, featuring extreme mult-tasker Andrew Lee (ex-DISINCARNATION), will release debut album Mai-zang on Malaysia's Necrolatry Records (cassette) and Mexico's Craneo Negro Records (CD). Reamping/mixing/mastering was handled by Damian Herring (HORRENDOUS) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios. Album artwork was created by Skaðvaldur.


For Esmé: "Doubtmouth"
(via For Esmé/YouTube)

"Doubtmouth" will be featured in the upcoming album from For Esmé, Righteous Woman, which is scheduled to release, 5.25.18.  This single can be purchased at For Esmé's Bandcamp.  


Wand: "The Gift"
(via mutante-inc./Drag City/Bandcamp)

Via mutante-inc.:
If the emblem of Wand's Plum was the stark blue cloud - a condensation, a linking between longing molecules, data hungering for more data, a flotilla of vapor between eye and sky - then Wand's new EP reeks of something more forceful, more seductive, more intoxicating, more insidious: this is Perfume. Here are six electric hues, shocks of light that flagrantly provoke the dark, a posy's clutch of purple, fuchsia, green and snowy white that curl against a stench of plague. 

Recorded between tours and fire seasons in Grass Valley, CA by Tim Green,
Perfume potent, expansive tunes were mixed in Woodstock, NY by Daniel James Goodwin. The band features Sofia Arreguin, Evan Burrows, Robbie Cody, Cory Hanson and Lee Landey.

There's a kind of return here, a haunting, the deja vu you only take in through a curious nose. Your nose invites the world inside your skull. A familiar fragrance finds you when you thought you'd let a lover go, but it won't linger like a lover, flickering away with the breeze toward a yawning future. Spray
Perfume freely on 5/25!


Belong: "Red Velvet or Nothing"
(via Modern Matters/Spectrum Spools/Bandcamp)

Via Modern Matters:
Belong - its member Turk Dietrich is also part of Second Woman (two albums on Spectrum Spools), and collaborated with Nine Inch Nails and Telefon Tel Aviv - is the shoegaze/experimental/dark ambient duo from New Orleans, somehow further digging since 2006 the sonic path outlined by Tim Hecker, GAS and Fennesz

Their album debut
October Language has been released in CD via Carpark Records in 2006, and in limited quantity vinyl pressing 3 years after via Geographic North imprint. It went sold out immediately and the vinyl became a classic rare gem. Spectrum Spools releases in April October Language in vinyl again, with a new "reimagined album art".

3 exclusive bonus tracks will come with the vinyl purchase, from the ultra rare, self-released
Tour EP sold as a CDr at live shows back in 2006, when Belong opened for Ariel Pink. The bonus tracks won't be available through digital outlets.

The only other, sophomore album of Belong has been put out via an amazing label such as Kranky, known for releasing artists such as Grouper, Jon Hopkins, Deerhunter, Dedekind Cut, Labradford, Loscil, Tim Hecker, Greg Davis and more.

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