Guerilla Toss — 10.27.18

Evil Sword
Olivia Neutron-John
Guerilla Toss
Johnny Brenda's

The wildly eccentric Guerilla Toss took full advantage of the Halloween season for Saturday night's gig at Johnny Brenda's, letting the naturally dark and playful setting that the holiday typically provides enhance the band's artful and cartoonish nuances. Attendees dressed up for the occasion, inspiring a costume contest (Mother Nature won and then promptly fellated the trophy).

Punk disco was the scene, the evening's collection of costumed and plainclothes fans caught in the groove and dazzled by the vivid lights and the abstract visuals that gleamed overhead. Think of The Exploding Plastic Inevitable had it been set to post-punk/mutant disco. 

Guerilla Toss is currently touring to promote Twisted Crystal, their latest LP which is currently available at DFA Records. I reviewed the album for No Ripcord.

Once again, bad iPhone pics of the event to look through. Somebody did submit some video of the event.

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