Gotta Read The Labels — ears&eyes Records

So, it would be turn out that in addition to Sons of Kemet and Kamasi Washington, there were other jazz-based artists to hear in 2018. This morning, I've been listening to a sampler provided by ears&eyes Records, which offers a selection of the label's 2018 output. Featured are various jazz-based offshoots ranging from beat-oriented (Matterhorn) to chamber-centric (Redwood Tango Ensemble), exploratory (Chad Taylor) to reverent and modernized (Juan Bayon).

The label is run by artist Matthew Golombisky, who is also leading another project called Thirsty Robot Media. TRM's purpose is to promote budding talent outside of the ears&eyes framework in an effort to provide exposure for more artists.

Here's the Volume 6 of the ears&eyes Records sampler:

Letters From A Tapehead


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