Sorting Through Browser Tabs: Russian Circles, Buñuel, Child Bite, Kali Malone, Die Welttraumforscher

It's a Wednesday evening of sorting through browser tabs. Some tracks for your perusal: 

Russian Circles: "Gnosis"
(from Gnosis releasing 8/19/22 by Sargent House)

Courtesy of Rarely Unable. 

Buñuel: "It's All Mine"
(from Killers Like Us released by Profound Lore)

Courtesy of Rarely Unable. 

Child Bite: "Erect for Dystopia"
(from Multicult / Child Bite split 12" by Hex Records)

Kali Malone: "Living Torch II"
(from Living Torch by GRM Portraits)

Die Welttraumforscher: "Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam"
(from Liederbuch releasing 8/19/22 by Bureau B)

Letters From A Tapehead


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