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So, that's another November billed and submitted for review.

It's early 12/1 and I'm an hour into the workday, taking healthy swigs from a lukewarm large cup of 7-11's finest blend and struggling to stay focused on any task that needs to be handled and completed today. Focus has been a problem, something I mean to fix this coming year. Due to the frequent interruptions and fire drills I'll experience over the course of a day, the need for me to pivot at a moment's notice often leaves me unable to keep track of my prior tasks. I'll repeat steps and miss others. It's yet another boundary that I need to be able to set and communicate to workplace peers: "Yes, I'll take care of that in a minute, but please let me finish what I'm working on." 

I'm turning 46 in 20 days. You'd think I'd have my shit together at this point.

In line with getting ones shit together, "Best Of"s and "Favorites Of"s lists are being considered and authored throughout the virtual musicsphere, my own selections undergoing constant scrutiny. Second guessing myself quite a bit, but I'll have it published in the coming weeks. Also, I'll be visually running through some picks on TikTok and Instagram

I'm hoping this month you have the opportunity to laugh with sincerity, enjoying time with worthwhile people. 

I'm also hoping you have the opportunity to check out some new songs I listened to this week. 



YHWH Nailgun: "Look at Me, I'm a Rainer"
(from No Midwife And I Wingflap EP released 11/4/22 by Ramp Local)

Courtesy of Ramp Local.

blackwinterwells: "archangel"
(from protector releasing 12/2/22 by Eyeball Records)

Courtesy of Us/Them Group. 

Historically Fucked: "Seven Eggs For Sever Sisters"
(from The Mule Peasants' Revolt of 12​,​067 released 2/3/23 by Upset The Rhythm)

Promoted by Bandcamp. 

Lori Goldston & Greg Kelley: "All Points Leaning In"
(from All Points Leaning In releasing 1/19/23 by Broken Clover Records)

Courtesy of Us/Them Group.

Harmonious Thelonious: "Soft Opening Machine"
(from Cheapo Sounds releasing 1/20/23 by Bureau B)

Courtesy of mutante inc.

Anna B. Savage: "in|FLUX"
(from in|FLUX releasing 2/17/23 by City Slang)

Courtesy of Stereo Sanctity. 

loscil // lawrence english: "Violet"
(from Colours Of Air released 2/3/23 by kranky)

Courtesy of Rarely Unable.

Sarah Pagé: "Méduses"
(preview to an in-progress album titled Voda; single released 11/30/22 by Backward Music)

Courtesy of C L A N D E S T I N E L A B E L S E R V I C E S .

Letters From A Tapehead


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