The Lord & David Pajo: Nazarite

Papa M performing at Underground Arts, 4/24/19
Pre-pandemic Philly, April 24th, 2019: I had the pleasure of seeing David Pajo (likely best known for his work with Slint) under his Papa M handle open for Sunn O))) at Underground Arts. Sat alone on a stool and hunched over his guitar, Pajo offered an understated and relatively quiet solo performance which at the time seemed adverse to the ensuing intensity of the Stephen O'Malley/Greg Anderson dronequake. I'd seen Sunn O))) a couple times by this point preceded by loud-as-fuck performances by Eagle Twin and Dead In The Dirt, so I was intrigued that they decided to not double-down on the loud, but instead offer sonic respite before the crowd even knew they'd need it. 

Considering, though, how open to collaboration Sunn O))) has been over the years, incorporating both the expected metal alum (Attila Csihar, Wrest, Scott Conner, Ulver, Boris) with creative partnerships based outside the genre (Julian Cope, Scott Walker, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Anna von Hausswolff), it was only a matter of time before a collaboration with Pajo would surface. 

For 2022, Greg Anderson has been performing as The Lord, having released his solo album Forest Nocturne and an album with Petra Haden titled Devotional. Released for the final installment of Bandcamp Friday in 2022, The Lord's latest venture is "Nazarite", an Anderson/Pajo collaboration apparently authored as an ode to Slint. And you can absolutely hear that: the string-bound tension the two build is palpable for the track's runtime, exhibiting both Slint's brand of dark and arpeggiated repetition and Sunn O)))'s penchant for strummed bursts of raw amplified tone. Even the vocals share commonality with the bulk of those on Spiderland. 

The track is available to purchase via Bandcamp

All info was provided by Rarely Unable.

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