Sorting Through Browser Tabs (1/2-1/6): Endorphins Lost, Atsuko Chiba, Frank Rabeyrolles, Will Epstein, Obituary, POSH SWAT, Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Tony Orrell

To whom it may interest,

In the wake of late night neighborhood demonstrations of amateur fireworks displays and cork-ejaculated ribbons of bubbly champagne, the first full calendar week of 2023 has been officially Xd out. Time to take the Christmas trees down and bundle up for the next couple months.

For last week's rounds of browser tabs, I've heard the following:


Endorphins Lost: "Regulation Area Bombing"
(from Night People releasing 2/1/23 by To Live A Lie / Rotten to the Core)

This one will beat you up pretty good: A little over a minute and thirty of throat scraping crust punk/power violence replete with excessive head-knock and a writhing breakdown for its second act.  

Courtesy of Earsplit PR.

Atsuko Chiba: "Link"
(from Water, It Feels Like It's Growing releases 1/20/23 by Mothland)

The synth ride overtop some elaborate prog-level guitar noodling is worth exploration. Initially the track's sharp production didn't appeal to me, but additional listens won me over. I also really enjoyed Atsuko Chiba's other single "Seeds", which you can listen at their Bandcamp

Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR. 

Frank Rabeyrolles: "Saddest"
(from Boat Songs released 12/22 by wool recordings)

Frank Rabeyrolles's "Saddest" is the sort of minimalist piece that forces its listeners to sit still and breathe. Quiet and lovely. 


Courtesy of wool recordings. 

Will Epstein: "Oyster Bay"
(from Wendy releasing 2/3/23 by Fat Possum Records)

Will Espstein's "Oyster Bay" is evocative of Todd Rundgren to my ears, though the instrumentation is understated and the atmosphere is dialed up. Epstein's environs are built up well enough to grant space to an array of instruments that either visit briefly and abruptly or call out from a distance. 

Courtesy of Clandestine Label Services.

Obituary: "My Will To Live"
(from Dying Of Everything releasing 1/13/23 by Relapse Records)

Death Metal pioneers Obituary are sticking to the plot, "My Will To Live" a mid-tempo, chugging wall of amplification and six-string howls. No wear; no tear. 

Courtesy of Relapse Records.

POSH SWAT (John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Andres Renteria): "Dungeon Crawler/Bug City"
(from POSH SWAT releasing 2/17/23 by Rock Is Hell Records)

Playing similarly to John Dwyer's recent forays into jazz/improv-oriented jamming with projects Bent Arcana and Gong Splat, the heavily drum-based POSH SWAT's "Dungeon Crawler/Bug City" combines the rhythmic and percussive function of Trouble Funk and On The Corner-era Miles Davis with Can-level psych elements. 

Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR. 

Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Tony Orrell: "Marriage in India"
(from That's My Life released 1/6/23 by 577 Records)

"Marriage In India" is over sixteen-plus minutes of energized bop rhythms and lively sax phrasing, the Dunmall/Rogers/Orrell unit retaining interest and energy even through the track's midway pseudo-break, which is decorated with plucked and pulled bass strings and drum play. 

Courtesy of 577 Records. 

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