Sorting Through Browser Tabs (1/9-1/13): Alex Ward Item 4, Meg Baird, Ad Omega, Constant Smiles, Ibex Clone, Holy Water, numün

To whom it may interest,

Still getting acclimated to 2023 and up on January releases. How are you feeling about this year? Anything that you're looking forward to?

I believe I've mentioned this before, but I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to develop a following in the TikTok space. You can find that here

For last week's rounds of browser tabs, I've heard the following:


Alex Ward Item 4: "OURS"
(from Furthered, releasing 3/3/23 by 577 Records)

Courtesy of 577 Records.

Meg Baird: "Ashes, Ashes"
(from Furling, releasing 1/27/23 by Drag City)

Courtesy of Drag City. 

Ad Omega: "Triumph of Void"
(from Aphelic Ascent, releasing 2/10/23 by Drakkar Productions)

Courtesy of Falce Press & Management. 

Constant Smiles: "Triumph of Void"
(from Kenneth Anger, releasing 3/3/23 by Sacred Bones Records)

Courtesy of Sacred Bones Records.

Ibex Clone: "Nothing Ever Changes"
(from All Changes Clear, releasing 2/3/23 by Goner Records)

Courtesy of another side.

Holy Water: "Waterest Him With Tears"
(from s/t, releasing 2/3/23 by Self-released / Primal Architecture (cass) / Time Release (LP))

Courtesy of Us / Them Group. 

numün: "Vespers"
(from Book Of Beyond, releasing 1/27/23 by Shimmy-Disc)


Courtesy of Clandestine Label Services. 

Letters From A Tapehead


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